For the Crystaline, Sustainability is a systematic ideal that is achieved mainly by the action, and by the constant search between economic development and at the same time preservation of the Environment. Because of this Environmental Responsibility we adopt measures in our productive process that minimize the impact to the Environment with the objective actions set out below:

Development of products with low energy cost

Crystaline Stone uses state-of-the-art facilities, machines and equipment that consume less energy. The process of Chrommatization is fully automated, which allows the development of Crystaline products with low energy cost.


Natural Biodegradable Raw Materials

In the constant pursuit of innovations which will cater to the needs of the market without causing damage to the Environment, we have developed the unique Process of Customizing "Crystaline Stone" rocks using natural raw materials. The pigments used in the Chromatization process are of mineral and vegetable origin, the resins are obtained from vegetable oils that do not damage the rock and are not harmful for people or the environment. The sheet resin of the slabs is water-based and developed with state-of-the-art technology to avoid the use of oil-based resins. All raw materials in this process are natural and biodegradable.


Preservation of rare materials

Marbles, Onyxes and Gems, used in the "Crystaline Stone" Process, are abundant in nature, thus avoiding quarrying of rare materials, and it is possible to reproduce these materials without extraction in regions which would cause damage to the environment.


Crystaline Stone is constantly seeking to improve its processes, aiming at sustainability and respect for the environment, as well as partnership with companies that also have an active and responsible environmental awareness.


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