1. What kind of products is it?

This Product is Crystaline Stone they are natural Marbles, Onyxes and Gems with original veins and textures which are treated with an Intercrystalline Technological Chromatization Process.

2. What is this process like?

This technological Process generates a molecular fusion of the color and sealant with the crystalline structure of the rocks, and allows us to change the color of the crystals using some methods such as: heat, high pressure, vacuum etc.

3. Does the product has warranty?

Yes, once applying in indoor areas, the warranty is a lifetime.

4. Does this process alter the physical characteristics of material?

The physical characteristics of the material, such as traction, flexion and abrasion, are not altered in the process. The materials become HYDRO-OIL REPELLENT and superior to conventional Marble, Onyx and Gems.

5. Is the color permanent?

Yes, the color is complete, deep and permanent, becoming a new componet of the rocks due to the molecular fusion between the colors and the stone's crystals.

6. Where can it be used?

They can be applied in all indoor ambiences (floor, covering and as decorative items); including wet areas (table tops for kitchens and bathrooms); we do not recommend the application of Marble, Onyx and Gems in outdoor areas, as just like conventional stones they are susceptible to damaging actions, such as permanent exposure to ultraviolet ray and bad weather, which would affect the stone appearance.

7. Does this product require any special care?

No, this product requires the same care and maintenance as the conventional Marble, Onyx and Gems with the additional advantage of being more resistent to cleanning products used ona daily basis.

8. How are industrialization, the fabrication and the installation of the product?

The steps followed in the industrialization, fabrication and installation are the same as the ones utilized with conventional Marble, Onyx and Gems.

9. Does the color and selant penetrate the thickness of the stone thoroughly?

Yes , there is total penetration in Classic and Crystal Marble, Onyx and Gems 2 to 3cm thick.

10. What is your line of products?

Slabs 2-3cm thick of totally colored Marble, Onyx and Gems.

11. Can any color and design be achieved?

Yes, Crystaline owns the process and works with colors and designs on an industrial scale.

12. Can exclusive colors be obtained?

Yes, depending on the volume agreed on (minimun one container).

13. Can multi-colored slabs be made?

Yes, it is possible for multi-colored slabs to be made with the design and incidence of colors.

14. Is it possible to reproduce materials whitch are rare in Nature and so called exotic?

Yes, the possibilities are unlimited.

15. Can this product be easily replaced or added to in the future?

Yes, the formulas are exact and colors are standardized.

16. Has the material been tested by Research Institutes?

Yes, this product has already been tested by internacional recognized Research Institutes according to the following norms: NBR 12766/92, NBR 13818/97, NBR 12042/92, ASTM C880/98 having shown a superior resistance to abrasive products used on a daily basis: INT and IPT Institutes and Marble Institute of America.

17. Is this product and process patended?

Yes, the Process as well as the resulting final products are exclusive in the world and have an international Patent Deposit.

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